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Emosionele Intelligensie by kinders

Skoolgereedheid Evaluering

Using Web Browsers as a Research Tool

Using Mind Maps for Learning

is aimed at primary school learners and teachers with an initial focus on Curriculum aligned Natural Science, Mathematics and Technology video, computer-based multimedia and print content.

is aimed at high school learners and teachers in Grade 10, 11 and 12. Content is curriculum aligned with a specific focus on Mathematics, Physical Science and English.

Electricity - how does it work?

? Polygons

? Circles


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Its really working for me! - Johan Blignaut is a vast educational resource for learners and teachers to use inventively and creatively in the classroom or in the comfort of their own homes to add extra value to their learning and teaching of Maths, Natural Sciences, Physical Sciences and Life Sciences.

Intel Education Initiative, South Africa

Delivering information, curriculum, and support materials to the South African schooling and FET College community.

Mr Duey - Fractions Official Video