Candice Hoole Music Studio
for all ages
from beginners to advanced

Inspiring students to become expressive musicians
( and surrounds)

Welcome to Candice Hoole Music Studio offering piano lessons for children and adults of all ages. Lessons are provided in a variety of styles, from classical to light jazz.

We provide piano lessons geared to each student's level of ability, interest, and musical background. Our credo is to support, guide, and encourage the discovery of each student's unique gifts for musical expression. The goal is to make the study of music engaging and fun. We also hold a concert at the end of the year for all the students who’d like to show off the skills they’ve learnt. Although participation is completely optional, it creates another element of fun through diligence, hard work and dedication.

Beginner Piano Lessons Northern Minnesota Our philosophy and goal as music teachers extend beyond learning how to play an instrument.  The skills one acquires also teach important life lessons such as determination, diligence and dedication.  These are the qualities that we furnish in each and every student.  Hard work, confidence, and perseverance are characteristics that we carry near and dear.  We believe that family and teacher encouragements are vital for striving towards goals. We also believe that objective practice is absolutely necessary for the best results.  Many teachers focus too much on a minimum time requirement each day for practice.  Rather, it is more important that time is spent to accomplish something each time you practice. 

Our chosen school of examination is Royal School of Music and comprises of the following elements: Scales & Arpeggios, Instrumental Performance, Aural Tests and Sight Reading. Although exams are optional it is a very rewarding journey and definitely worth considering! Something to keep in mind, though, is that exams are not for everyone and by no means the only way to attain a personal level of achievement. I do suggest however, to experience it once and then decide whether to continue with formal exams or continue with a more relaxed learning experience.

Who can imagine a life without music? To be able to play a beautiful melody on your piano, or watch your child learn to play a favourite song - that is a joy. Regardless of your age or skill level, the piano is a perfect way to introduce music into your life.

The rewards of learning to play the piano can even stimulate brain function helping to keep you sharp at your age.
The investment in a piano is certainly one that will create special memories that will live on in your family for generations to come.

Candice has over 17 years’ teaching experience and has acquired her Music Diploma (DipABSRM) through Royal School of Music.
Candice Hoole Music Studio is based in ext 4, near Impala Primary and High School,
and offers flexible teaching hours for individual students as well as group theory classes for those who are interested.

For more information please contact Candice
Cell:  084 581 6849 or email: