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Kempton Park

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The Lion Park



White Throated Swallow (Afrikaans: Witkeelswael)

A swallow with glossy-blue back upperparts and a white throat. Size 14-17cm - About as big as a Cape Sparrow.

Species Picture

As with other swallows, the bill is short and weak, with a very wide gape. The bill is black, as are the legs and feet.

The upperparts are a dark metallic blue, with a chestnut forehead. The throat is white, and there is a clear dark collar separating the white throat from the white breast. The rest of the underparts are white.

The tail is forked, and there are white windows in the tail.

This is a common summer visitor. As it is a breeding species, it tends to arrive earlier in spring than non-breeding swallows and can be seen from the month of August. It is usually associated with rivers and lakes, where it is most often seen. It is also often seen around man-made structures such as dams, bridges and culverts.

It is usually seen in pairs, and does not form colonies as some other species of swallow.

It eats flying insects.

White-throated Swallows utter sharp twittering notes. It has a deeper warbling song.

The White-throated Swallow breeds mainly from September to December. The nest is made from mud pellets, and is a strong, thick-walled half-cup that is attached to a vertical wall, usually just below the roof.

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