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Kempton Park


The town of Kempton in Tasmania

Tasmania, located southeast of mainland Australia, is a major tourist attraction due to its diverse and spectacular scenery, unspoilt wilderness and heritage.

Kempton is situated on the Midlands Highway to Launceston just 35 minutes from Hobart. It is now by-passed, but certainly not to be passed by. The sleepy village is surrounded by gently rolling hills, and with its classic Georgian buildings, historic churches and adjoining graveyards, it is easy to turn the clock back 150 years to the colonial convict days when Kempton was a strategic coaching depot one day out of Hobart. The first market place for stock and produce was established in 1828 and later a successful brewery and flour mill where established. Today Kempton welcomes the tourist and looks forward to providing service and warm hospitality.

Dysart House Dining RoomDysart House Guest Lounge





Dysart House Exterior









Dysart House situated in Kempton Tasmania Australia, a coaching inn from Tasmania's colonial past, is now a boutique heritage guesthouse and bed and breakfast accommodation where visitors enjoy elegant country living. Thirty Five minutes north of Hobart along Tasmania's Heritage Highway, the grand old mansion has restaurants, vineyards, art galleries, theatres and water sports within reach. It is the perfect base from which to visit historic villages, to go for long bushwalks or to depart on a fishing trip to the lakes.

Built in 1841 with no concern for expense, the original inn offered fine accommodation for travellers and their steeds. The impressive stables once provided shelter for 22 horses.

The ballroom was the venue for many a glamorous occasion. A peephole in the door hints at more scandalous behaviour! Today the ballroom is the guest sitting room a place to sink into a sumptuous silk sofa beside a fire with a glass of Tasmanian wine after a day exploring the south.

Why not try your hand at a game of billiards in the Trophy Room or a round of golf at Australia's oldest golf course at Bothwell which is nearby and remember there are packages for extended stays and a Skulduggery Weekend Package. Explore what Dysart House has to offer. Only 1 hour scenic drive from the spectacular Russell Falls and 10 minutes from the tranquil environment of Chauncy Vale Wildlife Sanctuary and caves. Chauncy Vale features in the famous books of Nan Chauncy.



The promotion of the 'Heritage Highway' is bringing to light some forgotten historical gems to complete the Tasmanian experience.

Bypassed by highways, towns such as Kempton in Tasmania's' southern Midlands, is one such town.

Formerly, the area was known as Green Ponds, the town of Kempton once boasted a wood fired bakery.. profusion of pubs .. glassworks, breweries, cobblers. artisans, and the area was a haunt for bushrangers.

Kempton has much to offer the tourist who wants to experience the rarity of a quaint, very clean 'sleepy village' steeped in Tasmania's history.

Many fine Georgian buildings date from the 1840's including the magnificent Dysart house, more than worth the turn off the highway to this town of living history.

The Bob Cooke Cottage Look... at 99 Main Road Kempton.

Said to be Kempton's oldest building still standing (circa 1826) is situated at the rear of 99 main street and is popularly known as the old Kempton Coach House.

Originally larger, with stables at the rear, it now comprises 3 up and 3 down small rooms and it's construction of sandstone and rubble fill with half metre thick walls, still holds fascination for its owners and tourists alike!

Its had a chequered history in close to 200 years, from soldiers quarters, Coach house, cobblers workshop and various artisans, to barn and's now home to Bob and Julie Cooke who settled in Kempton some 2 years ago.

Bob, after leaving a long and successful radio and television career, took a long standing hobby of making cottage style furniture and both he and wife Julies' artistic flair have combined to create a cottage industry in the perfect setting.

Their competitively priced wares include a range of woodwares from butchers blocks utilising Tasmania's unique species timbers, to country style veggie and laundry hampers, unique bread boxes, tea caddies, shelf units, quilt rails, cabinets , bird houses and more!

Plus Bob specialises in 'custom made' to your specifications too- all with that individual and personalised result in mind.

Julie's has an eye for those sought after collectables and bric a brac too, and highlights with pride, Tasmania's finest.. like fudge and lavender products etc.

It doesn't stop there!... have a cappuccino or light snack in the cottage garden and soak up the atmosphere of this unique setting in the shadow of the 1826 cottage and garden, amid antique rose bushes.

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