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First aid tips and videos
Be ready to respond to any emergency with these first aid tips from the British Red Cross.

  • Bleeding
    Find out how to treat severe bleeding and nosebleeds.
  • Burns and scalds
    Learn how to treat burns and scalds in three easy steps.
  • Choking
    Watch videos on how to help babies, children and adults who are choking.
  • Collapsed casualties
    Read tips on how to help people who have collapsed.
  • Electrocution
    Learn how to help someone who has received an electric shock.
  • Heart attacks
    Would you be able to help if someone was having a heart attack?
  • Resuscitation
    Find out how to resuscitate people who are unconscious and not breathing.
  • Shock
    Read tips on how to help people suffering from shock.
  • Spinal injuries
    Would you know what to do if you thought someone had a spinal injury?
  • Strains and sprains
    Find out how easy it is to treat these common injuries.
  • First aid myths
    The first aid expert Joe Mulligan debunks some popular myths about first aid.

First Aid Kits and Equipment

  • You need a first aid kit that has the right type of stock, the right amount of stock and the highest quality stock to be ready for that moment when you need it most. Dynacare in Kempton Park offers a wide range of quality first aid kits and medical equipment. For more information click here

Bad First Aid Tips

  • Today, Ann LaBelle admits that it was a stupid thing to do. But when she jumped off her boyfriend's motorbike and burnt her inner leg on the tailpipe, she didn't know how to treat the injury. "It burnt a hole right through my jeans," she remembers. Her boyfriend's mother suggested she clean the area and put butter on it. More...

First Aid Guide from the Mayo Clinic

  • Learn how to give first aid in emergency situations; more than 50 topics covered. Click here

First Aid Tips for Hikers

  • Treatment of sunstroke, snake bites, wounds, fractures, etc. Click here

First Aid Tips for Pet Owners

  • First aid is not a substitute for veterinary care, but it may save your pet's life until you can get veterinary treatment. Learn how to prepare for pet medical emergencies, stock a first aid kit for your pets, and administer basic first aid to dogs, cats and other animals. Click here

Recognising the signs of a stroke

  • Sometimes the symptoms of a stroke are difficult to identify. Unfortunately, this lack of awareness spells disaster. If the stroke victim does not die from the stroke, he or she may suffer severe brain damage when people around them fail to recognize the symptoms of a stroke. Read and learn!

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