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Kempton Park





We manufacture and supply SABS fire retardants for:

The treatment of lapas, homes, game parks, thatch umbrellas, bomas, roof trusses, mine timber, carpets, curtains, upholstery and drapery.


Our Products: Mine Marshall 8000
Thatch Marshall 8000
Thatch Marshall Water Guard
Thatch Pro Colours
Textile Marshall
Regarding Thatch: We issue a certificate of compliance for insurance
It extends the lifetime of your thatch.
It helps to protect your thatch against insects.
It binds your thatch together, making it difficult
   for birds to dismantle.
It inhibits the growth of fungus, reducing sinusitis
   and allergies.
It protects your thatch against the sun's UV rays.
Contact: Anthony McIntosh
Tel: 078 746 9081


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