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Carina's Jumping Castles
For all your party needs: Jumping Castles, theme cakes, party packs and food platters.

Cheryl Danks Physiotherapist
Hydrotherapy Facility, Therapeutic Horse riding, General Orthopeadics

CJ Signs
The One-stop Signage Company that puts your artwork together, manufactures according to your needs and installs the finished product.

Clear Glass
Glazing contractors, Window repairs, Shopfront replacement, Safety Glass, Mirrors, Aluminium sliding doors, Shower doors


Barn (European) Swallow
(Afrikaans: Europese swael)

A swallow with glossy-blue back upperparts, which is very common in summer. Size 20cm - About as big as a Cape Sparrow.

Species Picture

As with other swallows, the bill is short and weak, with a very wide gape. The bill is black, as are the legs and feet.

The upperparts are a dark metallic blue, with a rufous forehead. The throat is rufous, and there is a clear dark collar separating the throat from the upper breast. Below the collar, the underparts are creamy white or buff. The tail usually has long outer retrices, and is forked. There are white windows in the tail.

The Barn Swallow is a very common summer migrant, which is found throughout the country. It arrives in September and numbers increase until the end of November. Birds start departing in March, and are often seen in large flocks on telephone wires. It eats insects, caught on the wing.

The Barn Swallow has various high-pitched twittering sounds, as well as odd "creaking" sounds.

It does not breed in Southern Africa, but breeds in Europe and Asia.

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